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Nearly 40% of Web Pages Gone: The Digital Decay

Nearly 40% of Web Pages from 10 Years Ago are No Longer Accessible

Nearly 40% of web pages from a decade ago are now inaccessible. This highlights the internet’s dynamic and ever-changing nature. The rapid evolution of the internet has led to the disappearance of many web pages. Content that once held value might now be lost forever. This phenomenon, often referred to as “link rot,” underscores the importance of digital preservation. For …

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What Parents of Tweens And Teens Need to Know About Booktok: Unveil the Trend

What Parents of Tweens And Teens Need to Know About Booktok

  BookTok is a subcommunity on TikTok where users share book recommendations and reviews. It influences tweens and teens’ reading habits. Parents should understand the growing influence of BookTok on their children’s reading choices. This TikTok subcommunity has become a powerful platform for discovering new books and authors, often shaping the reading preferences of tweens and teens. Engaging with BookTok …

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Google’s Hands-Free Cursor: Android’s New Accessibility Leap

Google'S Accessible Hands-Free Cursor is Coming to Android

Google is introducing an accessible hands-free cursor to Android devices. This feature aims to enhance usability for people with disabilities. Google’s new hands-free cursor for Android is a breakthrough in accessibility technology. Designed specifically for users with motor impairments, this feature allows them to navigate their devices without touch. By leveraging advanced voice recognition and motion-sensing capabilities, the hands-free cursor …

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How Do We Navigate Climate Disinformation Online?: Unveil Truths

How Do We Navigate Climate Disinformation Online?

To navigate climate disinformation online, verify sources and cross-check information. Trust reputable organizations and experts. Climate disinformation spreads rapidly online, confusing the public and hindering action. Identifying reliable sources is crucial for understanding accurate climate science. Trusted organizations, like the IPCC and NASA, provide credible information. Look for peer-reviewed studies and expert opinions. Social media platforms often amplify misinformation, so …

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No Need to Look Up: Apple’s Fix for Your Motion Sickness!

No Need to Look Up from Your Phone. Apple is Trying to Cure Your Motion Sickness.

Apple is developing technology to help reduce motion sickness for phone users. This innovation aims to enhance user experience. Motion sickness often affects people engrossed in their phones during travel. Apple’s new technology could be a game-changer for these individuals. By reducing the symptoms of motion sickness, users can enjoy their devices without discomfort. This advancement highlights Apple’s commitment to …

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Microsoft Bars Police from Azure OpenAI Facial Tech

Microsoft to Law Enforcement: No Using Azure Openai for Facial Recognition

Microsoft has prohibited law enforcement from using Azure OpenAI for facial recognition purposes. The company aims to address ethical concerns and privacy issues. Microsoft’s recent decision reflects a growing concern over the ethical implications of facial recognition technology. The company has restricted law enforcement agencies from using Azure OpenAI for these purposes. This move aims to protect individual privacy and …

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Apple Adds New Accessibility: Eye Tracking & Sensory Support

Apple Adds New Accessibility Features Across the Senses, Including Eye Tracking

Apple introduces new accessibility features, including eye tracking, enhancing usability for individuals with diverse needs. These updates span across various senses, promoting inclusivity. Apple’s latest update brings innovative accessibility features designed to assist users with diverse needs. The eye-tracking feature allows users to control devices with their gaze, making technology more accessible. Enhanced support for hearing, vision, and mobility ensures …

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Loneliness Isn’t Just for Grown-Ups: Young Kids Hurt Too

Loneliness Isn'T Only a Teen Or Adult Problem. Little Kids Feel It, Too.

Loneliness affects not only teens and adults but also young children. Kids can feel isolated and disconnected too. Loneliness isn’t limited to a specific age group. Children, just like adults, can experience feelings of isolation and disconnection. Kids might feel lonely due to various reasons such as moving to a new place, changing schools, or family issues. Social skills are …

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Meta, Match Group Unite: Bold Move Against Scams

Meta, Match Group Unite Bold Move Against Scams

Meta, Match Group, and others have formed a new coalition to combat online scams. This initiative aims to protect users and enhance platform security. Online scams have become increasingly sophisticated, affecting millions worldwide. Meta, Match Group, and several other companies have joined forces to tackle this growing problem. The new coalition will focus on sharing best practices, improving user education, …

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How to Type the Double S Symbol (ß) on Android Easily

Double S Symbol (ß) on Android

How to Type the Double S Symbol (ß) On Android Typing special characters on mobile devices can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, especially when dealing with symbols not commonly used in everyday communication. One such character is the double S symbol (ß), also known as the Eszett or sharp S, primarily used in the German language. In this …

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